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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Finbar & Eddie Furey

Two folk legends from Ireland

"Finbar and Eddie Furey are two of Ireland's most successfull traditional musicians. Emerging in the mid-60's from a highly musical family, they later became a household name as "The Fureys" (with they two brothers George and Paul and multi-instrumentalist Davey Arthur) and had a TOP20 single in 1981 with "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" :-)

Finbar and Eddie Furey recorded two LPs for Transatlantic in 1968 and 1969 both featuring songs, slow airs and dances. The unique combination of Finbar's plainitive whistle and Uillean pipes and Eddie'swild voice gives a windswept, rather desolate flavour to the sadder songs, contrasting with the frisky whistle and brisk piping on the dance tunes. "The Lonesome Boatman" the title track of their second album, played by Finbar on the Indian whistle, has lost none of its power after three decades

Finbar and Eddie were extremely popular act in Ireland, Scotland and in the UK and inspired many other players ot the time. "  (Laurence Aston)

The first LP (1968)

1. The Spanish Cloak
2. Come By The Hills
3. Sliabh Na Mban (The Mountain Of The Women)
4. Dainty Davy
5. Jig : Tattered Jack Welch
6. The Flowers In The Valley
7. Reel: Pigeon On The Gate
8. Jig: Graham's Flat
9. Leezy Lindsay
10. Set Dance: Piper In The Meadow Straying
11. The Curragh Of Kildare
12. Eamonn An Chnuic (Ned Of The Hills)
13. This Town Is Not Your Own
14. Jig: Rocking The Baby

The Lonesome Boatman (1969)

15. Bill Hart's Favourite
16. Dance Around The Spinning Wheel
17. Let Me Go To The Mountains
18. McShane
19. Colonel Fraser
20. The Lonesome Boatman
21. Carron Lough Bay
22. The Prickly Bush
23. Bogy's Bonny Belle
24. The Fox Chase

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Folk music and songs from Styria, Austria

Performed by: Steirischer JägerchorVolksmusikgruppe Strunz and Steiricher Hornensemble
(Styria, Austria)


1 Singen und Soatnschlagn
2 Auf auf zum fröhlichen Jagen
3 Seewiesenwalzer
4 A Liad
5 An Bock han i g'schossn
6 Im Wald
7 Jagdlieder-Schnoasn
8 Da Großvata
9 Jaga-Boarischer
10 Da Loatasteig
11 's is Feierabend
12 Der Jäger in dem grünen Wald
13 Was hat der Wein für a G'sicht
14 Da Jaga in Böhmen
15 Der Jäger wohlgemut
16 'n Schneider sei Goaß
17 Jux Marsch
18 Im Wald und auf der Heide
19 Bei uns dahoam
20 Neigen sich die Stunden

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Traditional contemporary urban music from Denmark

1. Old Copenhagen: Changing of Guards/Town Hall Bells
2. Ebbe Skammelsen
3. The Danish Song
4. Tivoli Selection, Pt. 1
5. Tivoli Selection, Pt. 2
6. Dreamvisions
7. Amelie Waltz
8. On a Saturday Evening
9. The Skylarknest
10.In Denmark I Was Born
11.The Tufted Chicken
12.Jump Seven, Pt. 1
13.Jump Seven, Pt. 2
14.Forward, Pt. 1
15.Forward, Pt. 2
16.Little Man in Trouble, Pt. 1
17.Little Man in Trouble, Pt. 2
18.Heiditlit, Pt. 1
19.Heiditlit, Pt. 2
20.Danish Counterdance
21.Danish Rheinländer
23.Double Quardrille
24.Danish Waltz, Pt. 1
25.Danish Waltz, Pt. 2

FADO - Traditional music from Portugal

Traditional music from Portugal - Famous and popular perfomers

1.Fado Lisboeta
2.Fado Da Saudade
3.April In Portugal (Coimbra) Lex Baxter And His Orchestra
4.Tentacao Lex Baxter And His Orchestra
5.O Namorico Da Rita Lex Baxter And His Orchestra
6.Aquela Rua Lex Baxter And His Orchestra
7.Sem Rezao Lex Baxter And His Orchestra
8.Lisboa Antigua "Pancho Aranda"
9.Cabeca-De-Vento "Pancho Aranda"
10.A Minha Cancao E Saudade "Pancho Aranda"
11.Fria Claridade "Pancho Aranda"
12.Da-Me Um Bfijo "Pancho Aranda"
13.Ave Maria Fadista "Pancho Aranda"
14.Fado Da Adica "Pancho Aranda"
15.Maria Da Cruz "Pancho Aranda"
16.Carmencita "Pancho Aranda"
17.Saudades De Ti "Pancho Aranda"
18.Fado Do Ciume "Pancho Aranda"
19.As Penas "Pancho Aranda"
20.Ojos Verdes "Pancho Aranda"
21.Fado Das Tamanquinhas
22.La Porque Tens Cinco Pedras
23.Quando Os Outros Те Batem, Beijo-Te Eu
24.Fado Alfacinha
25.Fado Amalia
26.Fado Marujo
27.Que Deus Me Perdoe
28.Sabe-Se La.
30.Morgana "Pancho Aranda"
31.Los Piconeros "Pancho Aranda"
32.Passei Por Voce "Pancho Aranda"
33.Perseguicao "Pancho Aranda"
34.A Tendinha "Pancho Aranda"
35.Sei Finalmente "Pancho Aranda"
36.Fado Mouraria "Pancho Aranda"
37.Duas Luzes "Pancho Aranda"
38.Troca De Olhares "Pancho Aranda"
39.Ai, Mouraria! "Pancho Aranda"
40.Sardinheiras "Pancho Aranda"

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mikhail Rozhkov

Traditional Russian Balalaika Music


1. Grustnaya pesenyka
2. Polonez
3. Variants
4. Ja vstretyl vas
5. Mazurka
6. Romance
7. Volzhskie napievi
8. Zaigrai moya volinka
9. Variants
10. Scherzo

Musicians are Mikhail Rozhkov -  balalaika, Georgi Minaev - Russian 7-string guitar

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Celtic Fiddle Festival

"Sold-out tours and standing ovations give testimony to the electricity and excitement generated by these three great individual fiddle stylists. Kevin Burke (Ireland), Christian Lemaître (Brittany) and André Brunet (Quebec) combine their talents, musical traditions, and spontaneous humor for an evening of dazzling energy and subtle grace. Called "three of the finest folk violinists anywhere" by The Washington Post, these traditional masters showcase their regional repertoires and together conjure an experience of breathtaking performances." Read more...

Tracklist: 1. Cutting Bracken/Brisk Bob/Laird Of Drumblair - 2. Melodie/Rondes De Loudeac - 3. Garrett Barry's/Cliffs Of Moher - 4. Dionne Reel/Mouth Of The Tobique - 5. Laridés De Pontivy Et De Josselin - 6. Mist Covered Mountains Of Home - 7. Pigeon On The Gate/Lafferty's_Morning Dew - 8. Suite De Loudéac - 9. Music For A Found Harmonum/La Partida/Roumanian Tune - 10. Canyon Moonrise - 11. Blair Atholl/The Cairdin O't/Lexy McAskill

Tracklist: 1. La Belle Catherine /Le Step á Ti-Phonse /Reel á Toto - 2. Leaving Brittany - 3. Stan Chapman's Jig Arthur Darley's Swedish Jig - 4. Ar Bonomig /Dans Fisel - 5. Maison de Glace/Le Printemps - 6. Itzikel - 7. Reel á Tido/La Rachoudine - 8. Promenade/Sonny's Mazurka - 9. Lord Galway's Lamentation /Planxty Whitbread - 10. March Al Letanant/Schmitt Méloudia - 11. O'Carolan's Concerto/Loftus Jones - 12. An Droiou

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cotton Eyed Joe

with The Chieftains (1981)

The repertory on this album by the Chieftains, ranges from Dublin to the Isle of Man to Brittany, and a final nod to Texas, of all places, with the title tune.

1. Christmas Reel
2. Salut a la Compagnie
3. My Love Is in America
4. Manx Music
5. Master Crowley's Reels
6. Pride of Pimlico
7. An Faire (The Gold Ring)
8. An Durzhunel (The Turtle Dove)
9. Sir Arthur Shaen and Madam Cole
10.Garech's Wedding
11.Cotton Eyed Joe

Dancing bouquets

BIZOVAC is a village in Croatia  in the Slavonia districts in Osijek-Baranja county. They are known about their rarely old and beautiful folk costumes of women. Enjoy them!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Through the ages

1.I Heard the Voice - MeNaiset
2.Hunting the Devil's Elk - Heikki Laitinen
3.Love's Poison Kills All Sorrows - Von/AF
4.Tellu's Polska - Tellu
5.Calling the Cows - Meri Tiitola
6.Origin of Fire, The - Tiina Kaaresvirta/Petri Korpela
7.O Christ, King of Glory - Tallari
8.Heikki's Polska - Heikki Laitinen/Erik Siikasaari
9.Meri's Polska - Meri Tiitola
10.One Night in the Summer I Did Wander - Sanna Kurki-Suonio
11.Bride's Weeping, The - MeNaiset
12.O Mother - Pia Rask
13.Lucky Lad - Heikki Laitinen
14.I Sat on Thy Bed - Sirkka Mostrom
15.Why Are You Sad? - Marianne Maans
16.Seaman Enjoys Little Esteem, A - Marianne Maans
17.Yonder My Sweetheart - Tellu
18.In the Still of the Evening - Von/AF
19.Lully My Baby - Sanna Kurki-Suonio