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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Finbar & Eddie Furey

Two folk legends from Ireland

"Finbar and Eddie Furey are two of Ireland's most successfull traditional musicians. Emerging in the mid-60's from a highly musical family, they later became a household name as "The Fureys" (with they two brothers George and Paul and multi-instrumentalist Davey Arthur) and had a TOP20 single in 1981 with "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" :-)

Finbar and Eddie Furey recorded two LPs for Transatlantic in 1968 and 1969 both featuring songs, slow airs and dances. The unique combination of Finbar's plainitive whistle and Uillean pipes and Eddie'swild voice gives a windswept, rather desolate flavour to the sadder songs, contrasting with the frisky whistle and brisk piping on the dance tunes. "The Lonesome Boatman" the title track of their second album, played by Finbar on the Indian whistle, has lost none of its power after three decades

Finbar and Eddie were extremely popular act in Ireland, Scotland and in the UK and inspired many other players ot the time. "  (Laurence Aston)

The first LP (1968)

1. The Spanish Cloak
2. Come By The Hills
3. Sliabh Na Mban (The Mountain Of The Women)
4. Dainty Davy
5. Jig : Tattered Jack Welch
6. The Flowers In The Valley
7. Reel: Pigeon On The Gate
8. Jig: Graham's Flat
9. Leezy Lindsay
10. Set Dance: Piper In The Meadow Straying
11. The Curragh Of Kildare
12. Eamonn An Chnuic (Ned Of The Hills)
13. This Town Is Not Your Own
14. Jig: Rocking The Baby

The Lonesome Boatman (1969)

15. Bill Hart's Favourite
16. Dance Around The Spinning Wheel
17. Let Me Go To The Mountains
18. McShane
19. Colonel Fraser
20. The Lonesome Boatman
21. Carron Lough Bay
22. The Prickly Bush
23. Bogy's Bonny Belle
24. The Fox Chase

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