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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Through the ages

1.I Heard the Voice - MeNaiset
2.Hunting the Devil's Elk - Heikki Laitinen
3.Love's Poison Kills All Sorrows - Von/AF
4.Tellu's Polska - Tellu
5.Calling the Cows - Meri Tiitola
6.Origin of Fire, The - Tiina Kaaresvirta/Petri Korpela
7.O Christ, King of Glory - Tallari
8.Heikki's Polska - Heikki Laitinen/Erik Siikasaari
9.Meri's Polska - Meri Tiitola
10.One Night in the Summer I Did Wander - Sanna Kurki-Suonio
11.Bride's Weeping, The - MeNaiset
12.O Mother - Pia Rask
13.Lucky Lad - Heikki Laitinen
14.I Sat on Thy Bed - Sirkka Mostrom
15.Why Are You Sad? - Marianne Maans
16.Seaman Enjoys Little Esteem, A - Marianne Maans
17.Yonder My Sweetheart - Tellu
18.In the Still of the Evening - Von/AF
19.Lully My Baby - Sanna Kurki-Suonio

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