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Monday, 28 December 2015

Vilkači - ''Asinsvaardi''

"Vilkači" is Latvian folklore and ancient fight club which is reconstructing Baltic tribes of Late Iron Age (9.-13th century) - way of living, believing, fighting, singing etc. There are more than 20 members in club. One part are only musicians, the other - ancient fighters, third - craftsmen. They are participating in many folklore and ancient reconstruction festivals both in Baltic states and around the world.
With this club and its show "Vilkači" are keeping honour to their ancestors - ancient people, soldiers, who were fighting to protect their families and native lands.
The club was formed in Riga, Latvia in year 2000 at September 22th - anniversary of Battle at Saule (Saules kauja).

1. Puut
2. Es karaai aiziedamis
3. Asinsvaardi
4. Visiem rozes 
5. Shodien saule
6. Kas spiideeja
7. Es uzaugu maaminjan
8. Tumsaa gaaju vakaraa
9. Sniga sniegi putinaja
10. Es uzkaapu kalnaa
11. Zin dievinji kaalabad
12. Es nocirtun melnu chuusku
13. Smagi smagi juura kraaca
14. Par Bertolda naavi
15. Ceertami
16. Man jaaieti.

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