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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Traditional Sephard Jewish Music

Traditional Jewish Music from Spain

"Ensemble Accentus was established in Vienna in 1988 and now consists of thirteen musicians, appearing in various groupings. On some occasions guest artists join the ensemble to contribute specialised skills or complete the demands of the repertoire. Of particular interest is the early music of Spain, with its fertile mixture of cultures, a source of wider inspiration to music of the Renaissance. Accentus has paid special attention to the improvisatory element in performance practice of the period." Read more...

1. Avrix mi galanica

2. La Serena
3. Sa'dâwî
4. Partos trocados
5. Yo m'enamori d'un aire / Las estrellas de los cielos
6. Si verias
7. Lullaby; A la nana
8. Omorfoula
9. El rey que muncho madruga
10. Páxaro d'hermozura
11. Esta montaña d'enfrente
12. Kavaldulka
13. Por la tu puerta yo pasi
14. Hija mia mi querida
15. Nani, nani
16. Ya viene le cativo
17. Rahelica baila

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