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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Celtic music

Celtic Music From Ireland, Scotland, Britanny

Performed by: Golden Bough



Part I. : 1. The Collaraine Jig/Shark's Favorite/Far from Home/Maids of Mt. Cisco 2. The Brewer Lad 3. Farewell to Whiskey 4. Country Life 5. The Stolen Child 6. One Morning in Spring/Haunting the Hare 7. John Barleycorn 8. She Moved Through the Fair 9. Breton Tunes - Instrumental 10. Song of the Swan Maiden 11. The Merchant's Son/Who Made Your Breeches? 12. Lullaby/Mo Choara Bhan 13. The Cold North Wind 14. The Carrion Crow 15. Follow Me Down 16. The Rattllin' Bog 17. Fond Farewells     Part II. 1. Song of the Fisher Lassies/Blast of Wind 2. Power of the Harp 3. Lady Owen's Delight/Eleanor Plunkett/My Bonnie Boy 4. The Calling of the Road 5. The Witch of the West-Mer-Lands 6. The Blind Harper of Lochmaben 7.The Lark in the Clear Air 8. The Blarney Pilgrim/The Merry Blacksmith 9. The Last Leviathan 10. Doue Lan a Vadeleh/AR Serjant Major/Jan en Piet [Instrumental] 11. Logs to Burn 12. Lovely Molly - Instrumental 13. One Bottle More/Humors of Winter/Apples in Winter [Instrumental] 14. Mairi's Wedding 15. My Little Boat - Instrumental 16. Black Jack Davey/The Drunken Piper 17. The Parting Song

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