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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Rumanian Folk Songs and Dances



Side A
1. Hora Pacii - Dance Of Peace
2. Doina Oltului And Hora
3. Munte, Munte, Brad Frumos (Mountain, Mountain, Lovely Pine)
4. Ca La Breaza (As In Breaza) / Calusul Oltenesc (Dance From Oltenia)
5. Foaie Verde Ca Lipanul - Sarba (I Have Shod My Horse)

Side B
6. Hora De Clejeni
7. Calusari - Ciocarlia
8. Mugur, Mugurel (Bud, Little Bud) / Hora Sapte Scari ("Hora" Seven Steps)
9. Hodoroaga (Limping) / Cirligele (Hooks For Knitting)
10. Sanie Cu Zurgalai (Sleigh With Sleighbells)


  1. Hi,

    Happy New Year - may it be better than 2020!!!

    But at this time 2021 looks worse, but with a little hint of "sunshine"?

    Do hope that you and your family survived 2020 unscathed?

    Thank god for the access to all the music in my collection - that has got me through all the hard times, PLUS walking in the countryside. I can do without people though!

    Thank you for all the beautiful music that you have shared with us during this last year.

    Downloads of your files has never been a problem until this one - tried downloading either direct with Mega or via JDownloader - neither work. Seems to suggest that TWO tracks are missing, so will not extract.

    If you can check it out - I'll be mighty pleased.

    All the very best.


    Douglas (UK)

  2. Hi,

    Somehow I have sorted it out and have now downloaded a number of other albums containing Maria Lataratu and the "Orchestra Barbu Lautaru".

    So all now resolved.

    Would love to experience this music live".

    Sorry to have troubled you.

    Thanks for inspiring me into searching more widely.


    Douglas (UK)

  3. Hello coppinsuk!

    Thank You for Your best wishes and I also wish You a happier and more shiny new year - for You and Your family. I am glad that You enjoy this blogsite. There will be new (mostly) old LP recording - folk music and more music from old times (1500-1700's).
    Have a good time You are always welcome here!

    Kind regards: Peter (HUN-SWE)