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Friday, 1 January 2016

Spinning - Pördület

Hungarian folk music, songs and dances
with the Ensemble Zengő (Pécs, Hungary)

The ensemble Zengő is committed to play folk music authentically while also fitting it to the sound experience of the present days. The band was founded in 1983 and has made several radio and television recordings and six albums so far. Apart from the Hungarian ones, the group has also had concerts in 18 other countries. Just to mention a few of them: Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 1992, Sidmouth Folk Week 1994, Bardentreffen Nürnberg 1995, TFF Rudolstadt 1999, Quarin Festival Kuwait 2010, Spring Festival Monte - Carlo 2014.

1. Pej paripám (My Bay Horse)
2. Ne menj, szívem (Don’ Go My Heart)
3. Vándor (Wanderer)
4. Kutya fikom teremtette (Whoopee)
5. Dósa Lidi dalai (Lidi Dósa’s Songs)
6. Csipkerózsa, pánkháló (Sweat Briar, Cobweb)
7. Ázom, ázom (In Tears)
8. Én Istenem, eljött este (My God, Evening Has Come)
9. Mária, Mária (Mary, Mary)
10. Háromszor is elindultam (I Have Started Three Times)

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  1. Hello. Glad to see new posts on this blog. I had not visited for several months. Thank you for this wonderful music. I especially enjoyed this group, and Pravo.